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In 2001, inspired by their grandpappy’s original recipe, Richard and Bernard d’Offay created their first rum in the Seychelles. Harnessing the rich bounty of their island home, they created something that just wouldn’t be the same made anywhere else. Takamaka is not just made in but made from the Seychelles. From the water of Eden, and Mother Nature’s sugarcane, right through to the Creole culture of its people.

Takamaka is more than a rum, it’s a celebration of everything the island is. Takamaka is unshackled from rum heritage and history, with permission to do it differently. It is youthful, social, and laidback. It is in every sense, just like the ‘’spirit’’ from whence it came. As the rum from the ‘’otherside’’ we can inspire and open up imaginations, energising a fresh response to the entire rum category.

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